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Amethyst Scrying Crystal Ball 100mm 1.3kg (AB5)

Amethyst Scrying Crystal Ball 100mm 1.3kg (AB5)

Amethyst Scrying Crystal Ball 100mm 1.3kg (AB5)

Fortune telling purple crystal sphere.
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Product Information

The item for sale is the single Amethyst ball pictured, I've taken four pictures of the ball from different angles.  The ball has a diameter of 100mm and weighs 1300g.  This beautiful ball can be used for future gazing, fortune telling and divination, as well as being ideal for Feng Shui decoration. As it is carved from genuine natural Amethyst it has the properties of this powerful crystal and so can also be used for crystal healing or simply as a purple decorative item and a beautiful gift.   Please remember that this product is natural, hand cut, shaped and polished genuine gemstone.  Crystal balls each have differing clarity, patterns, natural flaws and inclusions, because they are not simply glass balls each one has its own individual energy and beauty.

Amethyst is a powerful and versatile stone. It vibrates at a very high spiritual level and has strong healing and cleansing properties. Amethyst can encourage self control, calm severe emotions and aid sleep and meditation. Physically Amethyst can help overcome addictions and reduce over indulgences. It is beneficial to the mind as it calms or stimulates whenever appropriate, meaning that it can assist in treating insomnia. Amethyst helps to strengthen the immune system and the cleansing organs such as the kidneys and liver. Amethyst can help the metabolism, endocrine system and boost the production of hormones. It can ease headaches and tension and help injuries, bruises and swelling. Amethyst can be beneficial in treating intestinal complaints, nervous complaints, diseases of the lungs and respiratory tract. It can also help skin disorders. Mentally Amethyst can heighten awareness and concentration by reducing mind chatter. It enhances memory, increases motivation and enables creativity. Amethyst is very beneficial to the mind, creating a calming effect, improving focus and enabling realistic goals to be set. Amethyst can be helpful to psychiatric conditions but should be avoided in cases of schizophrenia and paranoia. Emotionally Amethyst can dispel sadness, rage, anger, fear and anxiety. It can alleviate grief and can assist in coming to terms with loss. Amethyst assists emotional centring by balancing out highs and lows. Spiritually Amethyst can increase spiritual awareness, promote spiritual wisdom, selflessness and encourage love of the divine. It is an exceptional stone for meditation, it raises vibrations, helps to find inner peace and enables higher levels of consciousness. Amethyst can heighten intuition and enhance psychic abilities. Amethyst can help protect against psychic attacks by changing the energy into a love vibration and can also block geopathic stress and negative environmental energies. Birthstone: February. Zodiac Signs: Aquarius,  Pisces, Aries, Sagittarius. Chakra: Third Eye.

Each crystal ball is unique and has it's own individual personality.  They emit energy in all directions equally and are to be used with the best intentions.  Crystal balls are incredible tools in many ways. Their most common uses are with meditation, healing and crystal gazing also known as scrying.  Crystal balls are said to produce visions when stared at for a long time.  The scientific explanation for this is that light reflected from a polished surface will eventually exhaust the eye's sensitive optic nerve so that it stops transmitting an external image.  Without an exterior impression to fix itself on, the eye begins to respond to stimuli coming from the mind or subconscious of itself, from the past, the present or the future.

How to use a Crystal Ball for Scrying or Gazing purposes

Most people find crystal ball gazing or scrying is easiest in a quiet or dimly lit room.  Many people like to have candles burning as for some the reflections off the flames help to summon images.  Others find this a distraction.  Burning candles or listening to music is also common in order to create a relaxed atmosphere.  Above all else it is important that your mind is clear.

1. Place the crystal ball on a table in front of you.  You can use a stand, a small cushion or a silk handkerchief that is reserved for this specific purpose.

2. Sit and relax and lay your hands gently on the crystal ball for a minute or two to energise it and strengthen your psychic rapport.  Whilst laying your hands upon the ball think about the purpose of the scrying session.  It can often help to visualise the subject of your question.  You can ask your question out loud or internalize it, whichever you prefer.

3.  Remove your hands from the crystal ball. Look into the crystal ball and stare deeply.  Allow your eyes to relax and become slightly unfocused.  After a while you should be able to see a mist or smoke forming in the crystal ball.  Allow this mist to grow and fill the ball, then visualise it gradually clearing to reveal images in the crystal ball.

4.  The images you see might not be what are expected.  That's OK, don't fight them.  Your subconscious mind knows what information you need to know. The images may not be related to your question, but the fact you are able to see anything is showing progress.  The more you work with the crystal ball the better you will get at being able to see and let the images flow.  They will change and take you wherever they choose you to go.

As you are perfecting your art to scry or gaze with your crystal ball don't over think or try to rationalize everything you see.  All will eventually become understood.


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