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Angelarium Oracle of Emanations

Angelarium Oracle of Emanations
Angelarium Oracle of Emanations
Angelarium Oracle of Emanations
Angelarium Oracle of Emanations
Angelarium Oracle of Emanations

Angelarium Oracle of Emanations

Hard Box Set, Multilingual Guide Book & 33 Inspirational Cards
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Set includes: Hard Storage Box 135 x 95 x 30mm, 33 Cards 85 x 125mm & 160 pages multilingual guidebook (English, French, Italian, Spanish, Russian & Chinese).

The powerful illustrations of the Angelarium by Peter Mohrbacher have become an Internet sensation. Rooted in the Kabbalah mystique, the Angelarium is a platform to personify concepts that we all collectively understand. The goal of the artist was for each illustration to speak with an honest metaphysical experience. Each card has a series of visual metaphors inspired by the artist’s personal experiences and associations as well as the ancient Angelic tradition. Readers will feel as familiar with the subject but may not quite realize how they are relating to it. That sense of being at the presence of something distinctly human but ultimately mysterious is what the Angelarium Oracle is all about.
Oracle cards are a set of cards used for divination.  They are not divided up into suites like tarot–in fact, most oracle deck don’t have any divisions at all.  Each card has a picture and a name, and nothing else.  No suites, no elemental associations, no numerological or astrological associations aside from what’s given to the reader in the painting itself.  There is nothing outside of the oracle card to tell you what it means.  What I mean by that is, there is no association telling you that pentacles is connected to earth element and implies stability and fertility.  What’s in the picture is all you get to figure out the card.

How do you use these cards?  Pretty much like you would use a tarot deck.  You decide on a layout–one card, yes/no, three cards, crosses or lines, etc.–and phrase a question.  Shuffle how you wish and then lay out or pull the cards.  There are no reversals in oracle cards as far as I can tell.  Reversals would strike me as rather pointless, since oracle cards tend to emphasize positive occurrences by their very nature.  Then you read the cards to find the answer.

Because oracle cards don’t have number, elemental, or suit references to help read them, the reader is forced to be more intuitive in order to gain insight into an answer.   Unlike tarot, oracle cards tend to emphasize positive thought.  You won’t find something like the swords suit in an oracle card deck.  There are some cards that look negative on the surface, but if you look closely, they are actually framing that negativity differently than expected so that it is positive.  Which is very, very interesting to work with.


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