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Celtic Dragon with Triquetra Trinity Knot Silver Pendant (P044)

Celtic Dragon with Triquetra Trinity Knot Silver Pendant (P044)

Symbol of fertility, wisdom, and immortality
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Product Information

The item for sale is a solid .925 Sterling Silver Pendant of a Dragon. The body of the dragon is made of endless knots and, as it bites its tail, it sourounds a triquetra trinity knot. The pendant measures 42mm from the base to the top of the bail and weighs 7.4g.

The Celtic dragon and serpent were ancient symbols of fertility, wisdom, and immortality. A hybrid horned dragon/snake figure was connected to the torque collar, a symbol of kingship and status, and to the horned deity Cernunnos. The serpent was related to the dragon, and was connected with healing pools and springs. The Romans observed that the Druids especially revered the serpent for healing, and that they ascribed the same powers to the “serpent’s egg,” a particular sort of egg-shaped stone. A number of old tales feature magical treasure-guarding serpents who reside in wells- a common motif is the horned snake who guards a golden torque, a reference to divine authority. The dragon represents the untamed forces of nature, and often dwelt deep within the earth or sea. A red protector dragon has been a symbol of Wales for more than a thousand years, and dragons of various sorts featured heavily in late heroic tales, especially those of the exploits of Merlin. After the advent of Christianity, the dragon was more likely to symbolize chaos, and many tales of the saints pit the holy men against rampaging dragons who cause natural disasters, stories in which the dragons are not too subtle analogies of the pagan religions- Christians who came to evangelize the Druids took the sacred serpents as sure signs that the Druids were devil worshipers.

Your pendant will be sent in a small, dark coloured, padded cardboard gift box to protect them whilst in transit.


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