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2 Eagle Spirit Feather Silver Pendant (P047)
Native American symbol of spirit guides.
Anubis God of the Egyptians Silver Pendant (P060)
The winged sun symbol of divinity, royalty and power.
Ashtamangala Tibetan Yogi Silver Pendant (P019)
Sacred suite of auspicious symbols used by Indian religions such as Hinduism, Jainism, and Buddhism.
Aum Omkara Silver Tibetan Pendant (P042)
Om is an important mantra in Hinduism, Buddhism, Jainism, and Sikhism.
Cat Pendant (P008)
Cat familiar wiccan talisman.
Celtic Cross with Triquetra Knots Silver Pendant (P080)
A Christian symbol with its roots in ancient pagan beliefs.
Celtic Knot Triquetra Silver Pendant (P022)
Pagan Triple Goddess Wiccan Symbol
Celtic Triskele Silver Pendant (P016)
The triskelion symbol represents forward motion to reach understanding.
Celtic Triskelion Warriors Shield Silver Pendant (P082)
Also referred to as triskele, triquetra or fylfot is a symbol with many meanings.
Charmed Triquetra Silver Pendant (P017)
Celtic Trinity Knot Vesicae Piscis Talisman
Chinese Dragon Good Luck Silver Pendant (P081)
Totem of strength, courage, and fortitude.
Dancing Fairy Silver Pendant (P032)
Moon fairy mythical creature of european folklore.
Dragon & Phoenix Yin Yang Love Pendant P018
The dragon and phoenix are the perfect couple in Feng Shui
Egyptian Winged Scarab & Eye of Horus Silver Pendant (P007)
The Egyptian symbol of eternity.
Eye of Horus Ra Silver Pendant (P030)
The "wedjat" or all seeing eye is a healing & protection amulet.
Green Man Tree Spirit Silver Pendant (P003)
Pagan god symbol of rebirth.
Hamsa Hand Protection Amulet Silver Pendant (P085)
The Hand of Fatima, Hamsa or Khamsa amulet protects against the evil eye.
Hart of the Wildwood Pagan Silver Pendant (P039)
Pagan stag god of the woodlands and wild places.
Horus God of the Sky Wedjat Silver Pendant (P089)
The Eye of Horus is a powerful protection symbol.
Howling Moon Lone Wolf Silver Pendant (P074)
Dog familiar wiccan talisman.
Infinity Lemniscate Silver Pendant (P045)
Ancient symbol of equality between opposing forces.
Mjolnir Thors Hammer Norse Silver Pendant (P001)
An Instrument of Blessing, Consecration, and Protection.
Moon Cat with Pentagram Silver Wiccan Pendant (P070)
Cat familiar wiccan talisman.
Moon Dragon Silver Pendant (P090)
Targaryen dragon power talisman.
Moon Owl with Pentagram Silver Pendant (P068)
Wiccan owl and moon symbol of wisdom and sacred knowledge.
Mythical Unicorn Magical Horse Silver Pendant (P031)
A symbol of magic, miracles, purity, innocence and enchantment
Native American Feather Silver Pendant (P046)
Eagle spirit guide and symbol of honour.
Ouroboros Purification Sigil Silver Pendant  (P029)
Ancient alchemy symbol.
Pan God of the Wild Silver Pendant (P066)
God of the wild, hunting and companion of the nymphs.
Pentacle Silver Pendant Protection Talisman (P005)
Talisman used for protection against evil.
Pentagram Talisman Silver Pendant (P061)
Symbol of the five elements of life.
Polished Agate Slice Pendant with Silver Findings LPB1
Beautiful unique crystal pendant.
Polished Agate Slice Pendant with Silver Findings LPB2
Beautiful unique crystal pendant.
Polished Agate Slice Pendant with Silver Findings LPB3
Beautiful unique crystal pendant.
Polished Agate Slice Pendant with Silver Findings LPB4
Beautiful unique crystal pendant.
Sacred Egyptian Falcon Silver Pendant (P028)
Hor the Celestial Hawk God
Sol Invictus Silver Pendant (P036)
The Roman Sun God Sol.
Solstice Tree of Life Silver Pendant (P024)
A sacred tree found in many ancient mythologies.
Spiral Pentagram Silver Pendant (P023)
A pentacle is a protection talisman.
Swallowtail Butterfly Silver and Abalone Pendant (P025)
Symbol of personal transformation.
Swallowtail Butterfly Silver Pendant (P009)
Provides support in times of transition.
Thors Hammer Mjolnir Silver Pendant (P049)
Provides protection, strength and power to the bearer.
Tree of Life Yggdrasill Silver & Abalone Pendant (P078)
Sacred tree in many world's mythologies.
Triple Crescent Moon Celtic Knot Silver Pendant (P087)
Symbol of the three Fates: birth, life and death.
Triquetra Dreamcatcher Silver Pendant (P020)
Provides protection from negative forces.
Triskelion & Futhark Runes Norse Viking Silver Pendant (P056)
The horn triskele is a norse symbol of wisdom.
Wiccan Hares & Tree of Life Silver Pendant (P037)
In Celtic tradition hares are symbols of fertility and abundance.
Wiccan Raven with Pentagram Silver Pendant (P069)
Ravens and crows are considered guards or sentinels.
Wiccan Tree of Life Silver Pendant (P063)
Brings and restores the balance in life.
Winged Fairy Silver Pendant (P072)
A fairy, fay, or faerie is a type of mythical being or legendary creature in European folklor.
Wise Owl Silver Pendant (P035)
The keeper of sacred knowledge.
Wolf Heart & Triquetra Silver Pendant (P038)
The wolf teaches you to trust your own instincts.
Yin Yang Ashtamangala Silver Pendant (P052)
Eight auspicious symbols.
Guaranteed .925 Solid Sterling Silver