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Adjustable Frosted Sterling Silver Classic Meander Finger Ring (R007)
Meanders or Greek lines are classic decorative designs. Fits sizes L to R.
Adjustable Guitar Sterling Silver Finger Ring Band (R017)
Ideal for any guitar lover. Fits sizes L to R.
Celtic Dragon Sterling Silver Finger Ring (R005)
A totem dragon serves as a powerful guardian and guide.
Celtic Knot Triquetra Sterling Silver Ring (R023)
Modern Pagans use the triquetra to symbolize a variety of concepts and mythological figures.
Frosted Sterling Silver Adjustable Leaf Finger Ring Band (R001)
Leaves are symbols of fertility and growth. Fits sizes L to R.
Ouroboros Infinity lemniscate Sterling Silver Finger Ring (R012)
Ancient symbol of equality between opposing forces.
Pentagram & Celtic Knots Sterling Silver Ring (R022)
A pentagram protects against evil spirits.
Solid Sterling Silver 2 in 1 Pāua & MOP Adjustable Finger Ring (R020)
Colorful abalone in one side and white MOP on the reverse. Fits sizes L to R.
Tree of Life Sterling Silver Finger Ring (R024)
A symbol of growth and strength.
Guaranteed .925 Solid Sterling Silver