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Adjustable Feather Sterling Silver Finger Ring Band (R006)
Feathers are associated with the gods and goddesses of the heavens.
Adjustable Frosted Sterling Silver Classic Meander Finger Ring (R007)
Meanders or Greek lines are classic decorative designs. Fits sizes L to R.
Celtic Dragon Sterling Silver Finger Ring (R005)
A totem dragon serves as a powerful guardian and guide.
Celtic Knot Triquetra Sterling Silver Ring (R023)
Modern Pagans use the triquetra to symbolize a variety of concepts and mythological figures.
Ancient symbol of equality between opposing forces.
Pentagram & Celtic Knots Sterling Silver Ring (R022)
A pentagram protects against evil spirits.
Solid Sterling Silver 2 in 1 Pāua & MOP Adjustable Finger Ring (R020)
Colorful abalone in one side and white MOP on the reverse. Fits sizes L to R.
Tree of Life Sterling Silver Finger Ring (R024)
A symbol of growth and strength.
Guaranteed .925 Solid Sterling Silver