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Set of 7 Chakra Sacred Merkaba Stars with Pouch

Set of 7 Chakra Sacred Merkaba Stars with Pouch

Aids for the Flower of Life Mer-Ka-Ba (light body) visualizations and meditations
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These beautiful merkabas are made from genuine gemstone crystals. The individual pieces are hand cut and polished by craftsmen so do vary slightly in size, shape, shade and pattern.  I've added a UK Penny to the picture to show scale, a Penny is 20mm in diameter.   

Merkabas are sacred star shaped figures that activates and clarify the human Light Body and restore the memory of the infinite possibilities of our being. They are excellent tools to enhance and  strengthen one's own light body and powerful learning aids for the Flower of Life Mer-Ka-Ba (light body) visualizations and meditations.

This kit is comprised of 7 Chakra healing merkabas, one stone for each of the chakras listed below and a velveteen keepers pouch (colour of pouch varies) for your precious crystals. 

Base chakra ~ Red Jasper ~ survival, self preservation and security, Emotionally balanced ~ grounded, healthy, stable and assertive. Emotionally unbalanced ~ insecure, fearful, aggressive, controlling and lacks confidence. Affirmation ~ 'I have the right to be me exactly as I am'. Sanskrit name and meaning ~ Muladhara ~ stillness

Sacral chakra ~ Peach aventurine ~ emotions and sexuality. Emotionally balanced ~ open and friendly, has respect for oneself and others. Emotionally unbalanced ~ withdrawn, feelings of guilt and over dependant.  Affirmation ~ 'I am enough, what I do is enough, what I have is enough'. Sanskrit name and meaning ~ svadhisthana ~ sweetness.

Solar plexus chakra ~ Golden Quartz ~ self respect, personal power and confidence. Emotionally balanced ~ confident, optimistic and alert. Emotionally unbalanced ~ pessimistic, over sensitive, aggressive. Affirmation ~ 'I love and respect myself at all times'. Sanskrit name and meaning ~ manipura ~ city of jewels

Heart chakra ~ Green aventurine ~ love, peace and balance. Emotionally balanced ~ generous, loving and compassionate. Emotionally unbalanced ~ bitter, jealous, fearful of commitment/betrayal. Affirmation ~ 'I am willing to love everything about myself'. Sanskrit name and meaning ~ Anahata ~ unstruck sound

Throat chakra ~ Iolite ~ communication and self expression. Emotionally balanced ~ truthful, loyal and calm. Emotionally unbalanced ~ untrustworthy, cold and unable to express emotions. Affirmation ~ 'everything I do is an expression of love'. Sanskrit name and meaning ~ Vishuddha ~ purification.

Third eye chakra ~ Lapis lazuli ~ intuition and wisdom. Emotionally balanced ~ intuitive and clear sighted.  Emotionally unbalanced ~ scatter minded, inability to trust intuition and inconsiderate. Affirmation ~ 'I trust whatever comes to me is for my greatest good'. Sanskrit name and meaning ~ Anja ~ command.

Crown chakra ~ Amethyst ~ Divine peace, inner wisdom and oneness. Emotionally balanced ~ spiritual awareness, empathy and knowledge of the self. Emotionally unbalanced ~ depressed and confused. Affirmation ~ 'I am divinely protected and guided'. Sanskrit name and meaning ~ Sahasrarra ~ thousandfold.


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