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The Goddess Tarot Cards

The Goddess Tarot Cards
The Goddess Tarot Cards
The Goddess Tarot Cards
The Goddess Tarot Cards
The Goddess Tarot Cards

The Goddess Tarot Cards

By Kris Waldherr, Fortune Telling Cards, Available in 2 sizes, Standard & Pocket
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Product Information

The listing is for a single deck of tarot cards, there are 2 different sized decks to choose from, the standard and the pocket sized.  More details of these decks can be found below.

Standard Size: 125x 85 mm, 78 Cards, Instruction booklet: English

Pocket Size: 90 x 65 mm, Instruction booklet: English

This Tarot deck is one of the best I've seen. Very detailed and eye catching. My favorite card is the Love card, represented by the Roman Goddess Venus. The golden haired courtesan is lounging on a couch, pink roses cling to her hair as she stares at you with desire flaming in her eyes. She's draped in the finest flaming red gown. The ornately detailed room behind her seems to come to life during a reading. I even like the puppy asleep under the couch! The background behind the bordered goddess displays a lovely golden aged Venice.

Another one of the Major Arcana cards I like is Movement, depicted as the British horse Goddess Rhiannon. She rides a beautiful but unearthly white horse, sidesaddle, through a forest. Behind the border are stately gold columns with doves perched atop them. You can feel a psychic bond with all of these women. The layers in each card reveal much more then you would initially expect.

The Goddess Tarot cards have been beautifully illustrated. Each major arcana has a different border that coincides with the Goddess on that card. Behind each border is a scene that depicts a way of life to the Goddess. It almost seems as if the backgrounds themselves have a story to tell. The Minor Arcana are also nicely illustrated, and each suit corresponds to a different Goddess. The suit of Swords is associated with the Magic card, which is depicted as the Egyptian fertility Goddess Isis. All sword cards have an ancient Egyptian feel to them. The tanned skinned women and men on these cards are accentuated wearing fine white linen. Lotus flowers decorate the background on many of these cards. The hilts of the swords are also a golden lotus flower design. Decorations such as these make each suit easily definable to the next.

The opposite side of the cards are a deep blue with embellished gold leafing, impressive yet understated. The care and detail that went into each card is richly rewarded with an almost visible link into the divine and spiritual world.



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