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Vortex Coil Metal Dowsing Pendulum Copper Plated (P020)

Vortex Coil Metal Dowsing Pendulum Copper Plated (P020)

Vortex Coil Metal Dowsing Pendulum Copper Plated (P020)

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Product Information

The item for sale is a steel pendulum that has been electroplated Copper.  The pendulum size is 43 mm as indicated in the product pictures. 

All Egyptian Pendulums are ideal for radiesthesia, healing and divination as they have shapes based on the principles of Sacred Geometry. Some of these shapes were found as artefact's in Egypt in the form of actual Pendulums, others were developed in Egypt by French scientists inspired by the enormous power of the Sacred Geometry shapes that had been found. Radiesthesia is defined as the sensitiveness held to enable a person with the aid of divining rod or pendulum to detect things (such as the presence of underground water, the nature of an illness, or the guilt of a suspected person). Physical Radiesthesia is the science of using the vibrational fields of the human body to access information about other objects of animate or inanimate nature by establishing resonance with their energy fields, using specially calibrated instruments and a scale of qualitative measurement to decode this information. In order to establish resonance with an object either to gather information, to search or heal, etc…a sample of that object is needed. A sample in radiesthesia refers to something that has all the vibrational properties of the object or person we want to measure, just as samples of blood, tissues or urine are taken for laboratory testing in orthodox medical practice.

To learn more about dowsing click here.  


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